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DIY Energy Efficiency


Community education workshop to introduce homeowners and renters to energy efficiency measures they can do on their own. We also encourage more advanced measures to increase overall energy savings. 

Sustainable Backyards


We'll help you discover and plan  sustainable options for your yard including installing rain barrels, creating permeable surfaces, better water management, and beautification options.

Local Foods


A workshop designed to assist with planning a garden, starting seedlings, composting to feed your soil, and harvesting your fresh produce. We incorporate several options for smaller spaces and indoor growing.

Seasonal Maintenance


Useful tips and tricks for homeowners and  building owners. We break down the seasonal maintenance checklists and recommend when to get professional help. 

Working With Contractors 101


Every homeowner should have the knowledge to hire a contractor and feel good about navigating their house project without reservations. We'll help you and supply a checklist for you to use the next time you have a project. 

Solar FAQs


We've partnered with an experienced  solar contractor to bring solar education to our community including how to convert your home.